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Michael Wolff

Mortgage Broker

In 2013 I started working in the mortgage business with a direct/retail lender.  I quickly realized that the borrower’s best interests weren’t a priority for the several layers of corporate management. Within 6 months I left to work for a Broker and never looked back. Within my first year I received my own Broker license and have been independent ever since.

What this means for my clients is a more personable experience without a bulky management ‘team’ looking for a handout.  By working with a Broker, you have access to programs from several different lenders, not just one.   They compete for my business which is why Brokers can offer lower rates and costs. Simply put, #brokersarebetter

As a tech-nerd, I am also current with leading edge systems to streamline both the application and underwriting experiences.  You can complete your loan application on your phone at your convenience.  Regular status updates so you will never ask “What’s going on with my loan?”

Whether you are first time home buyer or a seasoned investor, I take the role as an educator to make sure you are well informed and comfortable throughout the entire process.

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I Want My FREE Mortgage Rate Quote!